Customized Extracts

Full Spectrum Profile

CPC is very proud of its expertise in the research, development and manufacturing of powdered and liquid botanical extracts; blending science and pure herbal extracts to meet the specific demands of society. As industry leaders in the production of standardized botanical extracts, our products are guaranteed to contain the full-spectrum chemical profile of the original herb ensuring a safe, pure and effective product.

Identify Subtle Differences

Natural plant and herbal raw materials vary considerably in their active ingredient content and the exercise of obtaining homogeneous products from heterogeneous starting materials is a challenge CPC take very seriously. We identify the subtle differences such as plant species, or materials harvested from plant stems rather than plant roots and detect fraudulent spiking of market compounds to provide you with a product assured to meet your needs. We unite our wealth of expertise in phytomedicines and proficiency in creating innovative solutions to transform raw botanical herbal materials into standardized liquid or powdered extracts in just about any dosage desired.

Formulation & Optimization

Our in-house laboratories can help you with product formulation and process optimization, as well as provide extensive finished product testing to ensure your product contains a broad range of chemical constituents. If you have a passion to enter the natural health products industry but have no technical capability, let us be your technical foundation. Or if you are a natural health product manufacturer perplexed about which constituents standardized botanical extracts should contain, let us be your advisor and technical support. This can be via a consultancy arrangement, or total project management through to product manufacturing and private labelling.

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