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The Science of CPC

The standardization of botanical extracts is a highly technical and very complex subject encompassing a number of scientific fields of inquiry, including analytical chemistry, phytochemistry and pharmacology. Having all the latest technology is only one part of the equation: to manufacture a superior product you need dedicated professionals who, having the knowledge and expertise, can source the highest quality herbs, create new concepts and develop manufacturing processes and techniques according to the herbs’ active compounds.


One of the biggest challenges facing the industry for decades has been the lack of reliable analytical methods in the quality control of botanical extracts. As a result, the marketplace is often plagued with adulterated products such as misidentified species, counterfeits or spiked with certain marker compounds. To address these issues, CPC research team have dedicated their research and development efforts to the identification and quantification of a variety of traditional botanical medicines, successfully establishing a proprietary database containing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) profiles, or fingerprinting, for more than 100 native North American and traditional Chinese medicinal herbal species, including North American Ginseng, Cat’s Claw, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Epimedium, Rhodiola and Flos Lonicera etc.
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Our Services

Innovative R&D

Innovative R&D of quality botanical extracts, including customized processing techniques, analytical methodology studies, commercial applications.


Standardized botanical extracts that contain the full spectrum chemical profile of the original herb, including the industry recognized marker compound(s).


Customized extracts by extraction ratio that are tailored to meet client's specific needs.

Analytical Testing

In-house analytical testing, including qualitative and quantitative analysis.


CPC’s HPLC fingerprinted profiles often serve as popular references in the identification and quantification of authentic herbs as well as the active chemical constituents in the botanical extracts. The HPLC methods developed by CPC for the identification of different Ginseng species have been accredited as “an industry standard” by several international pharmacopoeia and organizations. All identity tests are tailored to specific analyzes, matrices and expected concentration ranges, whilst all external influences are heavily controlled. It is by addressing some of the most challenging issues in the botanical extracts industry that has established CPC as a principal expert in the field.


Our Standards

CPC’s leading position is further supported by the developed updated analytical method of Rapid Resolution Liquid Chromatography (RRLC). RRLC represents the very forefront of rapid, high resolution and high sensitivity technologies in the analytical chemistry for both industry and academia. For instance, using RRLC, the retention time for ginsenoside evaluation in different Ginseng species can be significantly reduced to 3-10 minutes. This significant speed gain coupled with the ability to profile formulated herb products with over four different authentic plant species makes the RRLC method one of the most sophisticated methods available for the identification and evaluation of formulated herbal products. It effectively forces the manufacturer to use the correct plant species and to include a sufficient amount of raw herb or its original extract into the production.

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