About Us


Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals Corp. (CPC) is a leading contract manufacturer and private labeller of herbal extracts, dietary supplements, vitamins & minerals and natural health products, strictly following the cGMP requirements outlined in Health Canada’s Natural Health Products Regulations.

Founded in 1996 and located in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada, CPC employs superior research, development and manufacturing techniques that incorporate the challenging science of the 21st century to produce natural health products of a world calibre. Our consistent efforts in discovering, developing and delivering high quality herbal medicines over the past 22 years has resulted in CPC becoming one of the most highly regarded names and significant global players within today’s phytomedicines field.

CPC has been an instrumental force behind the recent improvements of reliable analytical methods in the quality control of botanical extracts, dedicating CPC’s research and development efforts into accurate identification and quantification methods. Our proprietary platform databases overcome major ethical, economic and technological barriers and have developed a new genesis of high quality, standardized natural health products.

CPC’s innovation-driven technology, combined with an experienced production and quality assurance team, guarantees products that are consistent in quality. We are among one of the few companies in Canada that have the full capacity to formulate and manufacture natural health products directly from raw materials into various dosage forms of semi-finished and finished products, therefore ensuring purity, potency and consistency from batch to batch. Our team of scientists and experts can create the perfect palette utilizing our state-of-the-art cGMP manufacturing services into just about any form, including capsules, tablets, soft gels, granules, tinctures and botanical powder and liquid extracts.

With 15 years in the natural health product industry, let our experience work for you.