CPC takes extreme pride in its world standard cGMP certified manufacturing facility, built with the most advanced equipment available to the phytomedicines field. The complex, including production, research and quality control laboratories, ensures that Health Canada’s strict regulations on natural health products are meticulously followed. With a track record of expertise in the production of GMP natural health products, CPC’s one-stop service is fully equipped to meet all of your manufacturing and commercial needs.

CPC’s innovation-driven technology, combined with an experienced production and quality assurance team, guarantees products that are consistent in quality. CPC only sells products that have been manufactured according to our strict standards and under our supervision. Every effort is made to ensure that all finished extracts match the botanical profile of the original plant. Our state-of-the-art Rapid Resolution Liquid Chromatography (RRLC) system offers considerably more compound separation power, higher detection capability and more reliable data quality. Every aspect of production is flawlessly adhered to and detailed records are compiled after each volume.

CPC boasts the most sophisticated and complete range of manufacturing facilities in the industry, featuring:
Standardized Liquid and Powder Extracts Extraction Line

Including large capacity stainless steel vacuum extractors, spray and vacuum dryers, large capacity Buchi Rotavapors, as well as large capacity liquid filtration and filling systems.

Highly Advanced Capsule and Tablet Manufacturing Line

Including three-directional stainless steel motion mixer and blenders, high speed automatic encapsulation machines, large capacity automatic tablet press and tablet coating machines.

Fully Integrated and Automatic Packaging Line

The name says it all; the highly reputable NJM packaging line combines a variety of best-of-breed technologies to meet the exact needs of each customer with a "total solution" approach that provides single source responsibility.

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