Research & Development

Canadian Phytopharmaceuticals Corp. (CPC) is dedicated to the research, innovation, and development of top quality botanical extracts, dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, and natural health products for the North American and international marketplace. Through the discoveries of our R&D centre, Canadian Institute of Medicinal Plants, we aim to drive the growth of the phytomedicines industry and make a contribution in elevating the identification and quality control of standardized botanical extracts. Our in-depth research and frequent academic studies to improve the quality control of standardized botanical extracts and industry standards demonstrates our commitment, passion and loyalty to the field.


The Canadian Institute of Medicinal Plants brings together a strong team of talented professionals, highly qualified and experienced in pharmaceuticals, phytochemistry, herbal medicine and microbiology. For 15 years, we have been combining traditional medicinal theory with the most advanced technologies to successfully support our clients with formula creation and development, new formula concepts, formula optimisation, and the development of new processing techniques.


Our strong in-house quality control team have successfully developed a series of rapid and effective analytical methods, based on the analysis of large quantities of genuine herbs, to identify the marker compounds for a wide range of medicinal and nutraceutical herbs. These proprietary scientific databases, together with the most advanced laboratory facilities, enable us to control all final products with accurate levels of active marker compounds and consistent chemical profiles and solidifies our reputation as a leader in the research and development of standardized botanical extracts.

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